Linguistics and Philosophy


September 8 – September 10, 2023, at MIT, Cambridge, MA


Current Schedule

Opening/closing remarks and discussions: Stata Center
- Friday and Saturday: room 32-123
- Sunday: room 32-141

Registration*/Posters/Breakfast/Lunch: The Vest Student Street (outside room 32-123/141)

Reception: Linguistics Department (Stata Center, D Tower, 8th floor)

Dinner: Samberg Conference Center

*Registration will be open at the following times:
- Friday: 1:00 pm - 3:15 pm
- Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:30 am and 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
- Sunday: 9:00 am - 9:30 am

Friday, 9/8 Saturday, 9/9 Sunday, 9/10
8:30 AM Breakfast (provided) Breakfast (provided)
9:00 AM Registration (breakfast provided) Registration (breakfast provided)
9:30 AM Session 3: Morphology
Introduction: Jonathan Bobaljik, Eulàlia Bonet, Alec Marantz & Ora Matushansky
Sessions 5 & 6: Stress and Meter
Introduction: Bruce Hayes & Juliet Stanton
10:00 AM
10:40 AM Poster Subsession A: authors and titles below Posters: authors and titles below
11:10 AM Poster Subsession B: authors and titles below
11:40 AM Poster Subsession C: authors and titles below
12:10 PM Break
12:25 PM Break
12:30 PM Discussion of session 3
Moderators: Bobaljik, Bonet, Marantz, Matushansky
12:45 PM Discussion of sessions 5 & 6
Moderators: Hayes & Stanton
1:00 PM Registration
1:30 PM Lunch (provided) Closing remarks
Lunch (provided)
2:00 PM
2:30 PM Session 4: Rule ordering and the cycle
Introduction: Paul Kiparsky & Kie Zuraw
3:00 PM Opening remarks
Speaker: Danny Fox
3:15 PM Session 1 & 2: Features & Evaluation Metrics
Introduction: Gillian Gallagher & Ezer Rasin
3:40 PM Posters: authors and titles below
4:20 PM Poster Subsession A: authors and titles below
5:10 PM Break
5:15 PM Poster Subsession B: authors and titles below
5:30 PM Discussion of session 4
Moderators: Kiparsky & Zuraw
6:10 PM Break
6:30 PM Discussion of sessions 1 & 2
Moderators: Gallagher & Rasin
Dinner (and open mic)
7:30 PM Reception

Posters (available here)

Session 1-2 Friday 09/08 from 3:15 PM to 7:30 PM
Chair Panel
Edward Flemming (MIT) Gillian Gallagher (NYU)         Ezer Rasin (TAU)
Session 1: Features
Subsession A
Veno Volenec The Neurobiological Reality of Phonological Features
Jian Cui Front-back asymmetry in Bantu vowel harmony: an instance of coronal asymmetry
Yeong-Joon Kim Auditory features and phonological opacity
Hanyu Liu Palatalization in Polish under the framework of feature geometry
Shengyun Gu A sketch of contrastive handshapes and their variants in Shanghai Sign Language
Runqi Tan Comparing features and dimensions in tone evaluation
Subsession B
Saira Bano Morphophonological alternation in the Hazaragi prefixation
B. Elan Dresher and Daniel Currie Hall Emergent features and contrastive hierarchies: What condition Halle’s (1959) conditions are in
Juliet Stanton Distantial faithfulness in Yindjibarndi cluster reduction
Blake Lehman The feature [ATR] in Avatime: inconsistent phonetic realization and categorical phonology
Alexandra Pfiffner Cue-based features: Explicitly modeling the phonetics in phonological contrast
Session 2: Evaluation Metrics
Subsession A
Kyle Gorman and Charles Reiss A simple alternative to SPE’s non-deterministic, intractable evaluation metric
Ollie Sayeed and Bert Vaux Sound change and the evaluation metric
Subsession B
William Idsardi and Eric Raimy Same/different and the evaluation metric
Sarah Payne Licit and Marginal Phonotactics: A Difference in Productivity
Session 3 Saturday 09/09 from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Chair Panel
Michael Kenstowicz (MIT) Jonathan Bobaljik (Harvard)   Eulàlia Bonet (UAB)
Alec Marantz (NYU)        Ora Matushansky (CNRS/UP8; UU)
Session 3: Morphology
Subsession A
Jun Tamura Compounding Words in the Syntax can Produce Phrasal Phonology: Evidence from Aoyagi Morphemes
Daniel Harbour Is Georgian agreement competition just a matter of allomorphy and adjacency?
Walter Shaw Reanalyses of Verbal Morphology in Proto-Celtic
Mirella Blum Resolving outlying issues in Dinka noun number morphology
Gareth Junjie Yang The Analogy of di: A Morphological Borrowing of “Manchu Mandarin” in Guangzhou due to Mandarin-Cantonese Contact
Ora Matushansky Suffixal complexes and semantic deletion
Subsession B
Daniel Harbour and Jane Middleton The Subset Principle and dual-inverse syncretism in Kiowa-Tanoan
Helene Streffer An Elsewhere Exponent in Discontinuous Agreement
Andrea Calabrese Remarks on Halle (2018)
Matthew Burner New Questions Regarding Asturian Noun Morphology
San Duanmu Zero Derivation between N and V in English and Chinese
Subsession C
Sam Zukoff Mirror Principle Effects in Templatic Morphology: Asymmetries in Bantu Suffix Doubling and Morphophonology
Jane Middleton Cyclic Impoverishment and Metathesis in Northern Tiwa (Kiowa-Tanoan)
Kyongjoon Kwon Extr-ým reduplicative modification of the Russian short-form adjectives
Caleb Belth A Learning-Based Account of Non-Productivity in Dutch Voicing Alternations
Karim Bensoukas Tashlhit Berber Imperfective Gemination: A Complex Allomorphy
Giuseppina Silvestri* Metaphonic diphthongization and the phonology-syntax interface
Session 4 Saturday 09/09 from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Chair Panel
Cynthia Zhong (MIT): Intro Paul Kiparsky (Stanford)        Kie Zuraw (UCLA)
Bergül Soykan (MIT): Discussion
Session 4: Rule ordering and cycle
Heather Newell Simplicity and Phonological Computation: No Prosodic Hierarchy, One Phonology
Peter Rebrus, Péter Szigetvári and Miklós Törkenczy Inter-paradigm conservatism motivates paradigm gaps in Hungarian
Stuart Davis and Stefon Flego Rule Ordering, Dialect B, and Incipient ay-raising in Present Day American English
Vera Rusyanov and Ezer Rasin Stress Precedence: A new universal constraint on rule ordering
Johanna Benz In defense of readjustment
Harry van der Hulst The phonology of synthetic compounds
Aljosa Milenkovic Against Cycle-Internal Transparency: Multiple opacity in Gallipoli Serbian
Scott Nelson Unordered rules that only apply to the input are not more complex than ordered rules
Eric Bakovic and Lev Blumenfeld A formal characterization of disjunctive application
Session 5-6 Sunday 09/10 from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Chair Panel
Adam Albright (MIT) Bruce Hayes (UCLA)        Juliet Stanton (NYU)
Session 5: Stress
William Oliver The Role of Stress in Italian Gemination from an Acoustic Analysis of Inherently Long Consonants
Andrea Calabrese and Laura Grestenberger Accentuation and Zero grade in the Vedic Sanskrit Verbal System
Guillaume Roux and Germana Carolina Soler Millan The emergence of the initial stress in French as a first language
Eyal Marco, Radan Nasrallah and Ezer Rasin Phonological derivations are not harmonically improving: Evidence from Nazarene Arabic
Charles Yang The structural basis of lexical diffusion: The case of diatonic stress shift
Felipe Vital and Andrew Nevins Stress and Segmental Rules in the Brazilian Ludling TTK
Michael Wagner Encoding and retrieving grouping and prominence in the speech stream
Elango Kumaran and Darby Grachek Karuk prefixal stress: Optimizing prosodic word edge placement
Session 6: Meter
Jonah Katz Meter and constituency in old-school hip-hop
João Veloso* What folk meter tells us about syllable structure and secondary stress in Portuguese
Bruce Hayes and Donka Minkova A MaxEnt analysis of the meter of Beowulf
Antón de la Fuente, Brennan Nick and Arto Anttila Metrical uncertainty

*The author(s) will not be present.

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